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  1. Cisco - IOS vs IOS-XE vs IOS-XR - 2015 [Hidden Content]
  2. Cisco IOS vs IOS-XE vs IOS-XR - 2015 Edition [hide][Hidden Content]] Key: !jhNqgW_kWsKc_m34xd0z1gAoaalbhDfRSytF9SqrOLY
  3. Add Addon in Mozilla OR Chrome: [Hidden Content]
  4. CCNA Wireless 200-355 || Official Cert Guide [hide][Hidden Content]] Key: !XetCY4bxebF4jyqgl70e6UijtQKuhxn4TcWFuSqv-jg
  5. Composite is better especially as new BluePrint has been released: Old Exam Name: the ICND1 Exam (100-101) and the ICND2 Exam (200-101) the combined CCNA Exam (200-120) New Exam Name/Code: The ICND1 Exam (100-105) and the ICND2 Exam (200-105)[7] the combined CCNA Exam (200-125)
  6. Its getting difficult these days to get exact 100% free dumps because they are updating the question bank every week for this new BluePrint by Cisco (200-120).
  7. It's possible for sure if you're already familiar with technologies. There are new topics in the new BluePrint released recently (100-101, 100-105).
  8. Some Cisco IP Books [hide][Hidden Content]] Key: !LeBB5uEaJpwefswX2q6iPV7e1VFSJUh08N1zVX6O9E0
  9. Adding some more labs... Lab1 - Routing Tables Troubleshooting.zip [hide][Hidden Content]] Key: !LtlVT1PH-7Ye2avVAaWIsSYRKTgGgu6IWVkvRkbsZ2E Lab2 - Static Routing_1.zip [hide][Hidden Content]] Key: !wENFYrTK5EaGPr9YlCh1Se45fOQwYKKaxxlpMoR-lTs Lab3 - Route Summarization.zip [hide][Hidden Content]] Key: !kkuXiB7XN39UFwxQ5Ruasf9eN7HW_OSMOo6GLactfWY
  10. Will share as soon as we receive final v4. Should be there soon. This is interim v3 to v4.
  11. Section1. Fundamental Configurations Labs [Hidden Content] Section2. Switching Labs [Hidden Content] Section3. Routing Labs [Hidden Content] Section4. WAN (Wide Area Networks) Labs [Hidden Content] Packet Tracer7 [Hidden Content] I will be adding more Labs into the sections above. Also planning to add security & IOT Sections (Internet of Things) as well.
  12. Best would be to print directly from VCE Player (if you have working/updated on). It would be hassle free & will not deteriorate the quality of document as well.
  13. You can have only one rigid machine (desktop OR Mobile Workstation laptop e.g. HP854x series). Then use VMware ESXi or VMware WS for Virtual machines. It would serve the purpose better as compared to having a lot of physical machines which require a lot of space & difficult to mange.
  14. I use VCE+ android version which serves me best. If you need to use on PC then use any android emulation like mentioned above BlueStack etc.. It's difficult to catch the VCE frequent version upgrades unless you buy it.
  15. Passle*der is better as P4sure has gone now.
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