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  1. Did not take it .... others confirmed above from group....
  2. No its not valid any more .... it does not include all the questions
  3. Do you have it ... can you share it
  4. I need valid PCNSA (Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator) updated version urgently, since i have the exam this week.
  5. The Crack, can I use it for PM FASTrack® for the PMI-RMP® Exam – Version 1.4?
  6. Yesterday I did the exam ….scored 1000, all TTs still valid and also MCQ+DD. I used the following ping, ipconfig, sh run, sh ip bgp nei, sh ip bgp sum, sh int trunk, sh standby and sh int fastether. My procedure: client 1 169.x.x.x 1.ASW1 – port security (show-run ASW1 if 1/0/1 and 1/0/2 are in Vlan10 ) 2.ASW1 – access vlan 10 (show-run and check ASW1 if 1/0/1 and 1/0/2 are in Vlan1, if they are… stop!) 3.ASW1 – switch-to-switch (show-run ASW1) check if vlan10,200 are allowed on portchannel 13 & 23 f not stop… 4.R4 – DHCP excluded (show-run R4) client -if client1 can ping not to server (3 TT s) ALL IN R1 -First: 1. If sh ip BGP summary – Up/UP… R1 – NAT ( 2.If sh ip BGP summary – Nothing …R1 – BGP (56-65) 3.If sh ip BGP summary – Active …. R1 – ACL -Second: Client can’t ping but it can ping to…. then: 4-R1 – OSPF authentication (show-run R1 + R2) Third: if client1 cannot ping, then 1. client1 cant ping Gw : then…DSW1(ASW1) – vlan access map 2. client cant ping then….R4 – Route redistribution: 3. client cant ping then…. R4 – EIGRP Passive Interface: passive interface (show-run R4)
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