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  1. Not worth it. TCM is better.
  2. Anyone who can share the course. Please need it to study
  3. Hey guys does anyone have CBROPS voucher. Please Note: Do not post your Email / Skype ID.
  4. Any update on this.... i checked and the cert guide is not available for sale.... Any update on the videos???
  5. HI Guys, does anybody have ccna 200-301 voucher and is willing to selling for discounted price... Let me know.
  6. Can anybody share Ex-Sim for ccna 200-301.......... need for prep.. Thanks guys
  7. these tools mentioning as zero day. Funny, i guess the meaning of 0day has changed. Most of the tools are not even needed and you can easily get them in other forums. 1500$ for this windows that has all the bloatware of tools most of the newbies will be excited about.. Relax.. there is nothing 0day here. You are not gonna use anything from there. If you want to use something learn how to use burp.
  8. Hey Guys, If somebody has the following course please share:- [Hidden Content]
  9. Hey guys, I need the following udemy course:- [Hidden Content] help your buddy. Thanks
  10. HI, I need the below udemy course:- [Hidden Content] please sshare if anybody has.. thanks
  11. Hey guys if anybody has full course please share: [Hidden Content] Thanks
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