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  1. Hey Guys, If somebody has the following course please share:- [Hidden Content]
  2. Hey guys, I need the following udemy course:- [Hidden Content] help your buddy. Thanks
  3. HI, I need the below udemy course:- [Hidden Content] please sshare if anybody has.. thanks
  4. Hey guys if anybody has full course please share: [Hidden Content] Thanks
  5. true that.............these security companies do these type of things a lot.... however.... by looking at one of the machines the tutor uses in the course i can say the the course was made on 2015 or 2018........ cos there was udemy watermark.
  6. looked into the curriculum from the original website.... the content of this share matches perfectly with of the website... i can say that the course us full.
  7. Hey Guys, Can anyone get me the below mentioned course from udemy:- [Hidden Content] cheers
  8. hey guys, Enjoy the newest burpsuite. [hide][Hidden Content]] As a bonus the link also, there is a epub book so to get started with burpsuite. Cheers MOVED TOPIC Topic is moved to proper section. Kindly open topic in appropriate section with suitable prefix.
  9. the mega link is hidden.. you have to react to the post to unhide it.
  10. the whole is available in mega... open the first post of the thread and then download this 12th video
  11. i have uploaded the 12th video.... please import it to your mega account.
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