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  1. I failed the CCSP exam last month, the premium dump from examcollection is useless, no question come from it
  2. Mahbub808 I passed it with 75 mark, thank you very much
  3. Mahbub808 If the Q57questions is ok,I have to take it today because my cert will expire on Wed, thanks
  4. Mahbub808 what is the answer of Q44 ? A - HTTPS traffic is permitted B - HTTPS traffic is dropped It is impossible A and B are answer, please advise ,thanks
  5. mahbub808 which dump is valid ? the Q57 ? or Q354 ? Thanks
  6. The questions are valid, but most answer are wrongs
  7. I checked 3 times today but no luck. Only RTP and San Jose have Lab seat. According to Cisco CCIE policy, I need take the exam within 1.5 years, how can I do ? So popular!!
  8. I passed the written yesterday and I got the shock when I book the lab because only RTP and San Jose have limited seats. I lived in HK and found that no seat for HK, Beijing, Tokyo... Too bad
  9. tattat007

    Passed 3.2

    Dear Nimpo7 Section 1: Change the cost 100 on R5 ? how can do it if all R5 interfaces are joining Area 1 ? In our practise lab, we change the cost 100 on R3 because 1 interface on R3 are area 1 and the rest of interfaces are area 0 Section 3 : The changes in your exam is for IPv4 or IPV6 ? In our practise lab, R11, R5, R13 and R14 need do redistribution, so the change is similar R5, R11 and R12 ? This mean R12 use OSPF to communicate other routers ? Anyway, congratulation !!
  10. I will take the Lab Exam too, please let me join your group
  11. Sorry I can't get this link to collect the VM Link Removed, don't copy out of hidden boxes [Cracker] Please advise! Thank you very much
  12. Please upload again. Thank you very much
  13. Dear Friends I pass the exam today with 9xx. Most question are coming from P4S 3.48 The Lab remain the sames, not difficult!! Regards Tat
  14. Dear Friend I down it from [Hidden Content] However, when the the test engine, it need Order No ? What is it ? Please help !! Thanks!!
  15. Dear Friend I also want to get it, please share ??
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