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  1. Can you reupload? It says file doesn't exist
  2. No update yet guys
  3. Password for student is student. All other password is redhat (including root)
  4. *Sigh* the file is missing. No wonder everyone is confused. I've uploaded the instructions in pastebin. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. can you attach a screenshot of the folder here? There should be a prep file.
  6. Bruh, the instructions for setting up the USB is right there in the txt file. I have mentioned it twice already in here. That's the only file you are going to need to setup this lab. Just read it, understand it and go through the setup. It should be named ClassPrep-7.x-4.r35344.txt I am not showing ego here..... I'm not new to this forum and I know the rules. But the instructions are too long to post here so I mentioned TWICE about the instruction file provided by the lab.
  7. Nope bro, these are raw files. Like the ones you shared but for really old version (7.0).
  8. Nobody is taunting anyone here. If nobody has even the basic idea of linux, networking and DNS, you will not really understand how to setup this lab. And it's pretty straightforward if you read the instructions file. The reason I said that you need some basic knowledge is because the usb creation tool doesn't work out of the box on normal centos or redhat operating systems. So, unless you can play with the linux terminal, you should learn to do so. Maybe an hour of internet training on package management and cli commands.
  9. Whomever is concerned about how to setup the lab, follow the instructions file. If you do not posses the skill required to setup this lab even after reading the instructions, I suggest you learn at-least some basic commands first.
  10. This is either clickbait or legit but got deleted. Requesting mods to review please
  11. I am actually 413 certified. But I do not have the materials for 415. It's a bit updated than 413. I hope someone could share the PDF or scan copy
  12. Hello Guys, Can anyone please share the RH415 PDF? I really need it. I saw someone share a screenshot copy of RHCE V8 RHLS version, that would also work. I need to learn the new course Best Regards and TIA
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