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  1. I got a windows7 image, I suspect there are DNS tunneling being used to send command and control, How to use volatility analysis 2.6 to identify the C2 DNS server ip address in the image, 2.6 only have 1 plugin netscan for window7, but i check all are private ip. any other plugin can use?
  2. Hi, I want to know for HP and Dell personal computer, is there any public security incidents for the past two years? like data breach, xss scripting, denial of service, cyber attack etc, I'm quite concern of buying HP and Dell computer, I heard that last year, HP computer has problem in its updater program, if we run HP updater, a trojan will be downloaded to the computer, is it true? can someone provide any detail related to such attack? thanks
  3. Anyone can sharethe latest 610 Malware reverse engineering USB, vm...etc ? thanks
  4. Any one can provide CTI technical training powerpoint slides? thanks
  5. Hi, how do we identify what are the IAM policies applied directly to the users, through cloudtrail or config rule? did ECS with Fargate support open-source software? compared with AWS secret manager, AWS parameter store more secure, less programming effort ? can Redshift provide millisecond responsiveness? can DynomoDB without Direct connect provide millisecond responsiveness?
  6. Hi, thanks for your idea.
  7. Anyone can share 578 threat intelligence video? thanks
  8. anyone can share SANS575 and SANS 578 video, thanks
  9. Hi Friend, Pls share the training video for flashpoint and Tanium, thanks
  10. Can any one suggest youtube link for IOS penetration testing tutorial (from SANS or other training provider)
  11. Request FOR578 PDF and MP4
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