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  1. I found it with all patches: [Hidden Content] But I can not download it
  2. Hi Guys, Somebody can send a version 5.1 software for NME-NAM-80S ? Thanks Norbert
  3. Hello! cue-installer.aim.7.4.1 cue-vm-k9.aim.7.4.1.pkg cue-vm-langpack.aim.7.4.1.pkg cue-vm-full-k9.aim.7.4.1.prt1 cue-vm-installer-k9.aim.7.4.1.prt1 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. Dear Ice1374 Do you have these files? cue-vm-hu_HU-langpack.nmx.8.6.7.prt1 CUCE-TCVQB-Connector-Installer-8.6.7.exe timecardview.nmx.8.6.7.pkg timecardview.nmx.8.6.7.prt1 Thanks
  5. Mavis: Huhh, Lab or Production? None. We make about 10 (railway interlocking) simulation in a year. In our simulations the guests use this simulated network. Yeah, this is a single site deployment, with two server. No, the real PSTN network is not part of scenario, but maybe a CME yes. The CME is also an isolated system. The CSS can be define in any version. In our scenario all extension can be call any extension. --- Popyjos: The repeating patterns maybe bypassable. If the phones in location 1, use pattern 011111, and loc2 021111. Can I do if I dial XXXX (where the first X never will 0), in location 1, the called number prefixed with 01, in location prefixed with 02. When I dial 0YXXX, the dialed number exact, and don't need prefixes. Yeah, I like KISS The scenario for me is more difficult. This is my first contact with CUCM
  6. Dear forumers, I have a big problem. I have two (old 5.x) CUCM server with licence. I want to make this system (this needs simulation an existsing pstn system) So, there are a lot of "location" (7 location). Each location has 4 digit numbers. Between locations call make with "0" + "Location Nr." prefix. The numbers always overlaps within locations. For exampe: Location 1 Phone1: 11-11 Phone2: 11-22 Location 2: Phone3: 11-11 Phone4: 11-22 When Phone1 calls Phone2, the user dial "1122". When calls Phone 4 the user dial "021122" Can I resolve this situation. I created partitions for each locations, I can put phones with numbers into these partitions, but how can I do the inter-partition call routing? Thanks, Norbert
  7. Thanks! I will try it at the weekend
  8. thanks! it works! what is the difference between these files? What need for my FAS3020c? 737P3_setup_e.exe 14-Apr-2015 19:54 118M 737P3_setup_m.exe 14-Apr-2015 19:54 111M 737P3_setup_q.exe Thanks Norbert
  9. Many thanks! I will try it in this week!
  10. Somebody has this files: cue-vm-hu_HU-langpack.nmx.8.6.7.prt1 CUCE-TCVQB-Connector-Installer-8.6.7.exe timecardview.nmx.8.6.7.pkg timecardview.nmx.8.6.7.prt1 Many thanks!
  11. Dear guys, I have an old netapp FAS3020c system, without licence key. Somebody does have some keys? Thanks Norbert
  12. I need an installation set for a CX4-20 EMC system. Does anybody have this? Thanks
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