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  1. @DiGi Link doesn't work, Can you upload to mega pls
  2. I was wondering if someone has a good suggestion of a book or course that can help in learning security code review. and if you can upload it here would be great.
  3. I tried it and says cannot open files as archives. I will try to download again. thnx centoscent
  4. Hello guys I'm sure the download is successful but it says archive is in unknown format or damaged. any idea what's the reason for that ?
  5. I will put more advanced videos soon and if you're interested follow facebook page too: [Hidden Content]
  6. I'm planning to post training videos on YouTube for Sophos would it be interesting guys or should I save my time for something else ?
  7. Ok, I found a useful online list generator [Hidden Content]
  8. Thanks aphraz, I have found it in PDF too [Hidden Content]
  9. I have uploaded for you mobile app hacker handbook! [Hidden Content]
  10. Can anyone provide a link to download Mobile Application Hacker's Handbook in PDF ?
  11. I need a word-list of 8 characters combination between numbers and alphabet upper case and lower case for testing purposes. I tried with crunch but it breaks every time before completing. Anyone can help ?
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