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  1. Please try my solution at post #793 and Verify if it's good. because with this my trace from R14 to MO goes through MPLS and Spoke to Spoke direct via DMVPN.
  2. Please do a trace from any other Device in DC1 to Medium office and Post the output here.. let's say from R13 or R12 to R51 L0
  3. On R14 ip prefix-list DMVPN seq 5 permit route-map DMVPN permit 10 match ip address prefix-list DMVPN set local-preference 99 route-map DMVPN permit 20 router bgp 65001 neighbor DMVPN(Peer group for Spokes) route-map DMVPN in IMO this is The Solution. what you say?
  4. but we have to fullfill two requirements in BGP table in mpls that are Network and next-hop.
  5. R40 route-map PREPEND permi 10 set as-path prepend 65004 65004
  6. Get latest Dumps Here. [Hidden Content]
  7. Get latest Dumps Here. [Hidden Content] shared by me the original poster of this thread
  8. Hello Guys. I am Back Once again with Valid 300q dumps for the CCIE RnS written Exam. I shared spoto 219q some months ago and Hope this will also help a lot of brothers. Update: This file only Contains 200 Questions so you better use it for reference and please give feedback so we can measure it's reliability. Mega Link [Hidden Content] Google Drive Link [Hidden Content] Your feedback is highly appreciated as this will help and motivate those guys willing to take exam. Regards
  9. Hello. EVE-NG is taking too much memory while turning on all the devices in H3. any suggestion. 8 GB ram full to 92%
  10. I would suggest to wait some days for the updated dumps from SPOTO, other vendors are not that reliable.
  11. DUMPS have changed up to 60-70% New Questions, So be warned before booking the exam any soon.
  12. DUMPS have changed up to 60-70% New Questions, So be warned before booking the exam any soon.
  13. send me your whatsapp number and gmail id in PM in PM
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