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  1. Please try my solution at post #793 and Verify if it's good. because with this my trace from R14 to MO goes through MPLS and Spoke to Spoke direct via DMVPN.
  2. Please do a trace from any other Device in DC1 to Medium office and Post the output here.. let's say from R13 or R12 to R51 L0
  3. On R14 ip prefix-list DMVPN seq 5 permit route-map DMVPN permit 10 match ip address prefix-list DMVPN set local-preference 99 route-map DMVPN permit 20 router bgp 65001 neighbor DMVPN(Peer group for Spokes) route-map DMVPN in IMO this is The Solution. what you say?
  4. but we have to fullfill two requirements in BGP table in mpls that are Network and next-hop.
  5. R40 route-map PREPEND permi 10 set as-path prepend 65004 65004
  6. Get latest Dumps Here. [Hidden Content]
  7. Get latest Dumps Here. [Hidden Content] shared by me the original poster of this thread
  8. Hello Guys. I am Back Once again with Valid 300q dumps for the CCIE RnS written Exam. I shared spoto 219q some months ago and Hope this will also help a lot of brothers. Update: This file only Contains 200 Questions so you better use it for reference and please give feedback so we can measure it's reliability. Mega Link [Hidden Content] Google Drive Link [Hidden Content] Your feedback is highly appreciated as this will help and motivate those guys willing to take exam. Regards
  9. Hello. EVE-NG is taking too much memory while turning on all the devices in H3. any suggestion. 8 GB ram full to 92%
  10. I would suggest to wait some days for the updated dumps from SPOTO, other vendors are not that reliable.
  11. DUMPS have changed up to 60-70% New Questions, So be warned before booking the exam any soon.
  12. DUMPS have changed up to 60-70% New Questions, So be warned before booking the exam any soon.
  13. send me your whatsapp number and gmail id in PM in PM
  14. For copying pasting you can use whatsapp Web, and for file sharing a shared Google drive folder is created and all the necessary material is uploaded there
  15. Private group is to the point and instant messaging makes it more easily accessible so it would be better to help each other instantly and get certified.
  16. Whatsapp is instant messaging service and almost every body uses and gets/checks msgs throughout the day, that's why it is better then skype so that no one misses any update and every body get fast help
  17. Hello Friends, This group is for guys who passed the written exam and are now preparing for the LAB, Please send me your whatsapp number in private message and i will add you to the group. We will also create a Google Drive shared folder to upload updates regarding LAB and Workbooks and Help each other out solving and Explaining Solutions. Our Target will be to pass the LAB exam at the end of DECEMBER. Regards
  18. it's not B, it's Both Level 1/2 Intermediate Systems and Level 2 Intermediate Systems I created the VCE 219q and mistakenly did this in hurry.. regards zubairburki
  19. you can use filter-list for this task. The filter-list performs route filtering based on the contents of the AS_PATH attribute - the sequence and values of atonomous system numbers. To do this, you would configure an as-path ACL that contains one or more regular expressions matching the particular sequence of ASNs in the AS_PATH attribute, and apply it to a neighbor and a particular direction with the filter-list command. With a filter-list, you do not perform route matching/filtering based on IP addresses and netmasks.
  20. These three are same, and YES they are enough to pass.
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