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  1. Please share the latest dumps/question. Thanks
  2. @nikjaza, Congrats. What dumps did you use, can you share the dumps and if new question encountered ?
  3. @Best, Congrats Man, May I know if dumps is enough to pass? Can you share what type of New Qs youve encountered ?Thanks
  4. Thanks, Hopefully someone can validate the dumps.
  5. Good to know man, Had worked on that lab yesterday also. Although Im not able to build a vpc since additional NX will eat more of my mem resources. Will try to us 2 pair of NX and CSR1000v.
  6. @ppsilva2, Cool, shed. mine before end of nov. Hopefully it is still stable .
  7. Anyone planning to take the exam this month? Have you tried building a lab for VPC and VXLAN?
  8. @Best, THanks man. To All, Can anyone validate that we can still use this dumps?
  9. @Tedmus, Hey man, would you mind sharing the file again since I'm not able to DL it. Thanks or Any one can share Tedmus file ? Thanks
  10. Hi, Anyone here recently passed the exam?
  11. @Winhtetaung, Can you share the assessment answers? THanks
  12. Hi, From what I read, Juniper is giving free exam vouchers for associate level exams. [Hidden Content] Anyone can confirm this and if you could share the Voucher Assessment Test answers for JNCIA-DevOps, JNCIA-DC, etc. Please post here if you have the answers. Thank you
  13. Hi, Any idea on juniper voucher, is it 50% off or what is the amount you'll get if you pass the Voucher Assessment Test? Anyone recent passed the JNCIA-DevOps Voucher Assessment Test and if you have reference of the correct answer? THanks
  14. Anyone passed using Waheed post? Thanks
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