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  1. @Winhtetaung, Can you share the assessment answers? THanks
  2. Hi, From what I read, Juniper is giving free exam vouchers for associate level exams. [Hidden Content] Anyone can confirm this and if you could share the Voucher Assessment Test answers for JNCIA-DevOps, JNCIA-DC, etc. Please post here if you have the answers. Thank you
  3. Hi, Any idea on juniper voucher, is it 50% off or what is the amount you'll get if you pass the Voucher Assessment Test? Anyone recent passed the JNCIA-DevOps Voucher Assessment Test and if you have reference of the correct answer? THanks
  4. Anyone passed using Waheed post? Thanks
  5. Hi Guys, anyone here working towards IE DCv3 LAB? Could you share what resources are you using right now (eg. Training videos, books, LAB(simulator), Bootcamp, rack rental etc) thanks
  6. Sama here, Need it too. Please help to share thanks
  7. Do we have an active group already? Please add me IN. currently working on DC LABtrack
  8. Is there any active study group for CCIE DC v3 ? Currently reviewing this track.
  9. Link - folder cant be found.. Possible to share again?
  10. Can't download using the given link... Can someone reupload on Mega/Gdrive?
  11. Possible to share the link again ? Thanks
  12. how to join? anyone here has skype group for study group?
  13. Thanks to the Roots/People who shared their exp. question/answer. Hope to see you guys on LAB. thread... Cheers.
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