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  1. Did anyone use these dumps and passed recently?
  2. Are these currently valid, anyone used to pass? Thanks.
  3. Has anyone used it recently to pass the exam? Thanks
  4. Hi, Anyone used these dumps to clear the exam? Thanks.
  5. Has anyone tried it and passed? Their website shows 890 questions in latest update (22nd Feb), shared file has 842 questions. Thanks
  6. Can anyone please share asav924-17.qcow2? Many Thanks in advance
  7. I tried that too. Removed Netsim, checked that non of the files are there in installation folder (program files), installed the software again, replaced just 2 files..... but now software does not open !!! Nothing happens on starting netsim !!! No window .. no diaglog !!!!
  8. Thanks... I tried renaming and removing this file, program did not start in either case. Anymore suggestions?
  9. Thanks for sharing it. Installation is OK but none of command is working in simulator.
  10. Thanks a lot for this share but download not possible without password beginning from part3. Please share password.
  11. Thank you for sharing. Can it be upgraded to ACS 5.4?
  12. Thanks a lot for sharing this but i don't see firewall image in lab topologies in Vol 1. Is it wrong with my download only or with everyone? Any other download link or suggestion please !!!!!!
  13. Hi, I am also preparing for CCIE SP. I was in Delhi few months ago, but now working with Datacraft India in Bangalore. What kind of study pattern u r following? Do u want to create study group or want jut few guys to share things ? Good Luck, anyway....
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