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  1. anyone here subscribe the ccie enterprise online course from Khawar Butt, please kindly share with us
  2. How to create GB ? i see from the website, the course is on discounted price untul April 10th, 2020
  3. If anyone here have the Self Paced Course Video from Orhan Ergun, Please kindly share with us
  4. Hello Everyone, anyone here have recorded video of a new CCIE DC v3 bootcamp from khawar butt ? kindly share with us
  5. @ankit007do you also have the other track ? CCIE DC v3
  6. please PM me, i am interested on the voucher
  7. Hello Guys, I saw from the Khawar Butt website that he has started the Online CCIE DC v3 Bootcamp, is there anyone here subscribe to his course and want to share the zoom video recording with us ? Thanks
  8. Hello Guys, I am looking for the PDF version of the Network Programmability With Yang Ebook, can anyone here please share if you have the PDF version ? Here is the link for the detailed book [Hidden Content] Thanks for your help
  9. yes, i have received it, but cannot reply to your PM since my account have not enough star to reply
  10. Because, i dont have enogh star to send a message, can you pelase send me a contact detail on our DM ? Regards, Fajar
  11. Hello captaincook i am interested with the voucher, can you please send me a DM ? Regards, Fajar
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