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  1. kechik


    Hi, If someone will take JNCIE-SP exam from home then i hope that person have a good room like police station that wall have mirror inside. As my friend proctor said the rule remote very strict. If they see your mouth open or anything then they will fail u. Thanks
  2. Hi, If u interested to purchase with price usd250 then I can pm me... Thanks
  3. Hi, U can pass this exam using Juno's genious ... Thanks
  4. hi, u can use inetzero as practice. thanks
  5. hi fahad, with your existing skill jncie-sec then u should can steal additional new 6-8 question and pass it. but if your target is pass with 80% above then it difficult. thanks
  6. Hi, If I have Juno's genious account then I can pass this exam..
  7. Hi, Using the junos genious u should can pass that exam. U just need to steal additional new 5-6 question. My friend just pass it last week. Thank
  8. Hi Marvis, But that link not advertising. It just url to show how to use it. Sorry if that link look like advertising. Thanks
  9. Hi, very weird...i already post 2-3 times the url but it not appear. Thanks
  10. kechik

    JNCIP-SP (JN0-663)

    hi, U can look on Junos Genious. Thanks
  11. Hi all, Good news.... [Hidden Content]
  12. hi bironhudo, The qcow2 image u use from that 4shared link right? If yes then i will try download again. Thanks
  13. hi, who said not same? if u already take exam then u know junos genious 50% valid. thnks
  14. hi bironhudo, I already follow the .yml that u share. Do u get same output as per my share? Thanks
  15. Hi, are u sure the attachment is for jn0-221? thnks
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