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  1. Hi, Thats why u see the number of jncie less then ccie... Thanks
  2. Hi, Check my date post. When i said pass then it means pass.... Thanks
  3. Hi, how about the client for software for windows? Do u also have? Thanks
  4. Hi, Do u have list of password of all image on gdrive that u shared? Thanks
  5. Hi, So based on the url that u given it's mean the Palo Alto VM need connect to Internet. After get trial license then we disconnect it from Internet is it still can be use with all the feature? Thanks
  6. Hi Linh, Thanks for the info. So it very diificult coz we cannot take down some note at topology . Just can use notepad++ only like that. I think next time need a room like Police Station investigation ...hahahaha....just joking.
  7. Hi Linh, Using remote exam, how we can write in the topology. Usually exam lab we can write at the question the remark or note. So how your exprience do exam lab remotely? Is it more easy onsite exam instead remote? Thanks
  8. hi, I'm searching image ce12800. Anyone have it? [Hidden Content]
  9. Hi, Before i pm u then may i know u agreed the term and price. Coz dont want when PM then u said dont aggreed my term. Thanks
  10. kechik


    Hi R2013, It's work. Thanks
  11. Hi, Any one have .pdf version? Thanks
  12. kechik


    Hi all, Just to update the dumps still valid. Thanks
  13. Hi, So it means totally new topology and new question? Thanjs
  14. kechik


    Hi R2013, I already 7zip it but not found image for anaylitic .qcow. Could u check again bro. Thanks and appreciate your help
  15. kechik


    Hi R2013, How about analytic .qcow? Appreciate your help. Thanks
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