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  1. hi, Please share it if u have. Thanks
  2. Hi, not really valid. Just 30 % only. Thanks
  3. kechik

    Huawei wlan

    Hi, why u post not related juniper to this thread? Please read properly the section. Thanks
  4. kechik


    hi, On February 2020 both topology appear at same time. Thanks
  5. Hi all, Just to update both lab topology appear on last month. Thanks
  6. Hi all, If any one interested to purchase the juniper exam voucher then please PM. Thanks
  7. Hi all, Just to update Lab 1 and Lab 2 appear again at same time on last month. Thanks
  8. Hi all, Just to update Lab 1 (topology 1) and Lab 2 (topology 2) appear again last month. Thanks
  9. Hi all, Just to update the dumps JN0-361 still valid as per yesterday. Thanks
  10. Hi all, Just to update the promo code for JNCIE-SP also already given to someone. By the way i just want to say something that i'm already mention in the title to PM but not sure why still have people request to email or PM them. Not sure whether my title in English language still have someone not understand. So hopefully this kind of attitude can be change next time. Thanks
  11. Hi all, Just to update promo code for JNCIE-SEC has been given to someone. So now just leave JNCIE-SP only. Thanks
  12. Hi all, I just attend the webinar from juniper and i get 25% promo code discount for buying JNCIE-SP & JNCIE-SEC bundle material. So if anyone interest then please PM me .. It's free i give not chargeable. Thanks
  13. hi, the good of juniper voucher it can use at any country. thanks
  14. Hi domin, The url that u share is it already have telnet/console connection instead using vnc? Thanks
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