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  1. Excellent upload. Would you be able to post it to Mega.nz or a Torrent?
  2. This direct link will be available for your IP next6hours. I am not understand why not people just put on Mega or Google drive when sharing.
  3. Thank you for the great share. I'm looking to study the network programming.
  4. Yes, I believe that Micronics Zero-To-Hero 6-part video was purposely leaked out. It's part of their Marketing.
  5. Guys, I took the screenshot of the network topology and save as .PNG, hoping to be able to "Picture Edit" the so that the diagram is Clickable. However, this doesn't seem to work for me. I'm already at EVE-NG latest version (v2.0.3-68 (23 June 2017)). Does anyone having this issue, or is it only support the .PNG file that being saved or created from Visio only?
  6. I'm start using EVE-NG and so far love it so much. I'm wondering is there a way to create the clickable topology similar to the feature available on IOUWEB. Can give me an how to?
  7. CrypticStella Hi CrypticStella, Thanks for sharing. Wondering if there is workbook or question associated with this ? Regards, achinnac
  8. Hi All, I hope anyone can shed me light on how to get this working. I have installed UNL on bare bone machine, registered image, created the lab, etc.. all of these working great when I access the UNL locally on my home network (192.168.1.x/24). However, the problem comes when I access the UNL remotely from outside using port forwarding. I am able to get to UNL login page remotely via public IP address and port that I forwarded through firewall, however, UNL doesn't seem to accept and authenticate the same username and password when I login. There is no error message, it just do nothing when enter username and password and click Login. I configured firewall to forward the port to internal host that running UNL, I have similar setup with IOUWEB and that works fine. -->(public IP address:8080) || firewall port forwarding || --> UNL ( It seems to me that UNL has some kind of internal mechanism to check against port forwarding or something/source IP or something like that. Is anyone encountered similar situation like this, and how do you fixed it? Cheer, achinnac
  9. Here you go! [Hidden Content] Kindly seed it when you done. I won't be stayed long...
  10. Hi Guys, I was wondering that if the clock rate command on the WEB IOU is working; I am doing Narbik v5 lab trying to configure 'clock rate 64000' on one of the serial interface and just encountered this, R4#sh controllers s2/0 | in clock cable type : V.11 (X.21) DTE cable, received clockrate n/a R4# R5#sh controllers s2/0 | in clock cable type : V.11 (X.21) DTE cable, received clockrate n/a R5#sh cdp nei Capability Codes: R - Router, T - Trans Bridge, B - Source Route Bridge S - Switch, H - Host, I - IGMP, r - Repeater, P - Phone, D - Remote, C - CVTA, M - Two-port Mac Relay Device ID Local Intrfce Holdtme Capability Platform Port ID SW1 Eth 0/0 126 R S Linux Uni Eth 1/0 SW2 Eth 0/1 153 R S Linux Uni Eth 1/0 R4 Ser 2/0 178 R B Linux Uni Ser 2/0
  11. Wondering how do you managed to download from CBT Nuggets streaming format? Is there any tricks or software that able to download, I am currently registered as 7-day free trail and have access to many of the interesting video?
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