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  1. Truthley to find out for me personally where I wanted to go I did tons of research on many different IT paths took notes on what certs are needed and eventually found a career path I will like to do till I retire. If you're willing to put say 4-6hrs broken up into chunks into researching different career paths you think you're interested in inside the realm of it you will find one you want to latch onto. Me I found cyber security now it's matter of working my butt off to get into it :-)
  2. I used professor messer free videos for the A+ then bought both his note sets and the pop quiz book since they are not that expensive, also bought his network ones. Me personally I know they make money off us watching the Youtube videos but that does not account for the time put into making them, if you believe honestly his videos are helping you then buy some of there stuff when you do you can have it for life :-).
  3. There actually not that expensive if you go look at his prices for the notes :-) even his pop quiz book is cheap.
  4. Wondering if anyone out there has any lab simulator software?? Don't know if 0utcast is still around and may have some thanks.
  5. FYI look for messer on youtube he even does study groups to, and is working on a Linux+ collection as we speak.
  6. went on a digging expedition found all links, to 0utcast and all mods if this not allowed let me know. [hide][Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]] all work 100% and every video is there
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