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  1. Yeah right I found Sql Injection Master Course by hitesh choudhary sir way better which explains everything in depth and even explains the whys and hows using the real source code. ZDResearch are just money suckers, their courses aren't that worth
  2. Hi friends, Thanks to kr34 for the contribution Enjoy [Hidden Content]
  3. Hi everybody, My friend shared this with me, i don't know whether it is already shared or not, if it is then please don't post bad comments. [Hidden Content]
  4. Pm me, we'll buy it today and by tomorrow or day after i'll share it here
  5. I had gotten this link long time ago, but it didn't work in my case even after attempting for many times. After filling some forums they say link will be generated within this many hours but the download link never gets generated. Check to see if it works in your case, download it and if possible upload it to any other site like mega or mediafire.
  6. If you both guys can contribute atleast 10$ each, i will buy this course today itself
  7. You're welcome bro I haven't bought from exdemy.com, if this forum members can donate some amount, i'm ready to buy their advanced web application pentesting course, but i think it's of no use as we have sans 542 and 642, and pentesteracademy web application pentesting full course which are more than enough.
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