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  1. Hiiii everyone Could someone post(snapshoot) CCIE R&S's seat availability in Banglore.(for Jan, Fab, March) Thanks
  2. Not the exact one but have a look [Hidden Content]
  3. Sorry to hear Bro Could you please share solution in which you got 100% and other also where you failed, So we can focus on that to make it perfect. Thanks
  4. iwillnu

    TS5 MPLS help..

    ip cef on R6 and R7. check mpls forwarding table label for R8
  5. iwillnu

    K6 + TS mpls

    Congrats bro Please share your K6 experience. Cheers
  6. iwillnu


    Congrats bro Please post your ip services config.
  7. @WiseElder Could you please share TS experience and MSDP solution...
  8. 26,27,28,29,30,31,1,2,3........ Could we expect it now ?
  9. iwillnu

    K2 Questions

    No, this group( is joined by Sw2 loop0 interface. If every router in vlan243 have joined this group then why anyone go to Sw2 loop0.
  10. iwillnu

    I cleared the LAB

    TS3 is MSDP one..... Please share tshoot questions and problems. Thanks ENJOY YOUR NUMBER :)
  11. iwillnu

    WIFE jokes

    ======================================== What is the true friendship??? Ans- It is when your best friend runs away with your wife & You are really worried…… for your friend. ========================================= Who is the guilty? Wife dreaming at night suddenly shouts. Quick …! My husband is back. Man gets up, jumps out the window and Realizes. “dammit i am the husband”. ========================================= What Is The Next Thing A Man Should Do After Winning An Argument With His Wife ? . . . . . . . . . . . Apologize !!! ========================================= Man to Barber: Cut my hair Short. Barber: How short you would like to? . . . Man: So Short that My Wife Cannot pull them....... ========================================= Enjoy :)
  12. Hiiii cator Please post R5&R6 relevant config. Another solution could be Just advertise 171&172.x.x.x into area 101 instead of area 0.
  13. iwillnu

    Learn A B C D now

    New generations learn the alphabets in this way:- A-Apple B-Blue tooth C-Chating D-Download E-Email F-Face-book G-Google H-HTML I-I phone J-Java K-Kingston L-Lapi M-Message N-Nero O-Orkut P-Picasa Q-Quick time R-RAM S-Server T-Touch screen U-USB V-Vista W-Wifi X-XP Y-You-tube Z-Zorpia Thanks
  14. good to see you back guys offtopic may i know where is rss feed link for forums ??
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