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  1. 70 to 75 Question was there in my exam, but not sure, whether its 70 or 75. SDWAN and GP log monitoring question was there in my exams.
  2. Recently i have complted the PCNSE exam, but i didn't follow the attached dumps.
  3. Pearson give 30% discount to the PCNSA & PCNSE exams till this(April) month end. If any one interest to take exam, better to schedul the exam before 30th April. Thanks.
  4. Does any one have PCNSA 9.0 dumpls please share it to me. MOVED TOPIC Topic is moved to proper section. Open topic in appropriate section with suitable prefix.
  5. IP dhcp pool vlan-215 network default gateway lease infini option 150 ip we should give all above mentioned command ( DNS is not required )
  6. which vendor, you tried, please ping me personally, we will move further,
  7. Can you please add me too
  8. You can install firepower in vmware and you can map the vmware in EVE. I ll upload the image and share the link ASAP. :-)
  9. i have prepared my home lab by EVE-NG, Please let me know if any help.
  10. Can you please share the new ccna security valid dumps.
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