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  1. Hi all these is New questions 300-210 but i'm not sure about the answers ...!! 1, A network engineer wants to deploy a virtual cisco ESA and wants protection against email-based threats, email encryption, and clustering. Which software license bundle must the network engineer purchase to access these components? A, cisco email security Premium B, cisco email security Hybrid Essential C, cisco email security advansed D, cisco email security Gateway Ans: B ? 2, over which two ports does the ISR G2 connector for CWS support redirection of HTTP traffic? (choose twe) A, TCP port 65535 B, UDP port 8080 C, TCP port 88 D, TCP port 80 E, UDP port 80 Ans:A, D ? 3, An engineer wants to improve web traffic performance by proxy caching. Which technology provides this improvement? A, Firepower B, FireSIGT C, WSA D, ASA Ans: C ? 4, A customer is concerned with their employee’s internet usage and has asked for more web traffic control. Which two features of the cisco web security appliance help with issue? (choose two) A, Advanced Malware Protection B, Dynamic ARP Inspection C, DHCP spoofing Protection D, Network Address Translation E, Application Visibility and Control Ans: A, E ? 5, An engineer is configuring a cisco ESA and wants to control whether to accept or reject email messages to a messages to a recipient ddress. Which list contains the allowed recipient addresses? A, BAT B, HAT C, SAT D, RAT Ans:D ? 6, In cisco Firepower 6.0, which policy contains the button that allows you to access the network analysis policy? A, Network discovery policy B, intrusion Policy C, access control policy D, file policy Ans: C ? 7, which two routing options are valid with cisco firePOWER threat Defense version 6.0?(choose two) A, ECMP with up to three equal cost paths across multiple interfaces B, BGPv6 C, BGPv4 with nonstop forwarding D, BGPv4 unicast address family E, ECMP with up to four equal cost paths Ans: A, B ? 8, An engineer wants to cluster an existing ESA physical appliance with an ESA virtual appliance. Which statement is true? A, This action is possible as long as the devices are running the identical AsyncOS B, This action is not possible for virtual appliances C, This action is possible between different models and OS D, This action is not possible because the devices are not identical models Ans: A ? 9, in cisco firePOWER 5.x and 6.0, which type of traffic causes a web page to be displayed by the appliance when Block or Interactive Block is selected as an access control action? A, FTP B, decrypted HTTP C, encrypted HTTP D, unencrypted HHTP Ans: D ? 10, which two types of software can be installed on a cisco ASA-5545-X appliance? (choose two) A, cisco ASAv B, Cisco firePOWER Appliance C, Cisco firePOWER services D, cisco ASA E, ciscofirePOWER management Center Ans: C, D ? 11, which type of interface do you configure to receive traffic from a switch or tap, promiscuously, on a cisco firePOWER device? A, inline set B, transparent C, Routed D, Passive Ans: A ? 12, which two tasks can the network discovery feature perform? (choose two) A, host discovery B, Block traffic C, user discovery D, reset connection E, route traffic Ans: A, C ? 13, which two services must remain as on-premisses equipment when deploying a hybrid email solution? (choose two) A, DDoS B, DLP C, antispam D, encryption E, antivirus Ans: D, E ? 14, Remote clients have reportted application slowness. The remote site has one circuit that is highly utilized and a second circuit with nearly zero utilization. The business unit has asked to have applications load shared over two WAN links. An engineer has decided to deploy cisco Application Visibility and Control to better utilize the existing WAN links and to understand the traffic flows. Which configuration provides application deep packet inspection? A, IP accounting B, NBAR2 C, RMON D, SNMP Ans: A ? 15, which two options are the basic parts of a Snort rule? (Choose two) A, rule policy B, rule header C, Rule assignment and ports D, rule options E, Rule footer Ans: A, C ? please check these answers and let me know if the are not correct
  2. Hi all Please share me as well thanks for your support
  3. hello all i failed today in this exam so anyone have update for this dump .?
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