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  1. It depends on Requirement. In H3, Cisco ask you both IPV4 and VPNv4.
  2. Hi all, In H3 section 2.5 about bgp additional-path, there are small difference between Spoto Solution and C4C Solution. Which solution is correct? Spoto Solution: router bgp 65001 bgp addtional-path select best 2 bgp addtional-path send neighbor IBGP advertise additional-path best 2 max ibgp 2 C4C Solution: router bgp 65001 bgp addtional-path select all best 2 bgp addtional-path send bgp addtional-path select all neighbor IBGP advertise additional-path all max ibgp 2
  3. Both Spoto and C4C solution dont have iBGP in 65003. However I think it will be better if we config iBGP in 65003 like in 65004 and 65005. iBGP will make redundancy of 65003 will be better. So Can I config iBGP in 65003?
  4. I just checked spoto solution. In H3, Spoto dont have BGP ipv4. They do #no bgp default ipv4-uni and #add vpnv4.
  5. Hi all, In H3+++, Spoto said that source is Attacker, destination is Server (Victim). But, in H3, C4C said that source is Victim, destination is Hacker. I dont understand about H3 Diag, Ticket 2. Can anyone help me explain and which is correct? Spoto or C4C? Thank you.
  6. Hi bluemoon55, Can you explain why we need both BGP ipv4 and vpnv4?
  7. Hi Guys, In H3 3.1, C4C solution have both BGP ipv4 and vpnv4. However if I just config BGP vpn4 and let add ipv4 blank, MPLS still working well. So Do we just need vpnv4 in MPLS?
  8. So, you mean, in H3 MPLS, we dont need IPv4 BGP by issue #no bgp default ipv4-unicast?
  9. Hi, 65005 and 65007 are in Jacob corporate. So I think that they should reach each other. In H2+ solution, I can see exporting and importing route-target between 65005 and 65007.
  10. Hi We don't need next-hop-self and also fullmesh between R50,R51,R52. Those three router need only neighbor with RR (R1).
  11. I am in South-East Asia. Brussels is too far from me.
  12. Hongkong is full, no available seats at Hongkong. Bangalore may be still there are some available seats.
  13. I lost my chance to take CCIE RS lab 5.0, CCIE SP lab version 4.1 because no available seats until they change to new version at February 2020. Now I have to think about CCIE SP version 5.0. Do you have workbook and material for new version? Pls share it, many thank.
  14. I learned many workbooks, many videos, practiced lab up to 5 times for each kind. I am nearly ready to take lab exam. Yes, I went Lab booking schedule and found that no available seats at every location. Ohm my Goh! May I have still my chance?
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