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  1. hi can you share how you fix cucm license thanks
  2. hi IPexpert is a good lecture you can find some ine cours is more advenced can help you to come more confortable , dont forguet the key is practise more and more . good luck
  3. hi the psnt like that 1 cube runing c2810 and 1 cucm 11.5 , the cube act as a ITSP provider , the calls come to cube then routed to the HQ SME or the UCM Pstn or you can run a Vcube CME 12.5 , you can use a demo from cisco.com or use demo limited 128k speed , if you need help to setup Pm me good luke
  4. hi cisconerd22 all the lab is buld in esxi 6.5 , all vms runing a dell server R720 128gb 2xcpu 2650 and more than 2Tb Hdd my vms runing from a demo you need : 1 ucm cluster 1 pub and 1 sun for hq site , 1 ucm sub for site B 1 imp hq site and 1 imp for site b 1 cuc for hq etc .. you can find on ebay a good server not too expansive , example i find a UCS 220 M3 for 350 € in and memoy for 50 € , you will coste you time to find a good deal . i hop i answer your question , good Luke
  5. the pstn pc is simulate the ITSP phone if you remember for the preview exam 1 pstn phone playing as a external phone whit 4 number ligne 1 +1408 555 1111 ligne 2 +1972 525 2222 ligne 3 +852 2535 3333 ligne 4 +44 208 555 4444 here is a topologie that i use
  6. hi there is no more physical phones , to simulat the call 3 test pc windows 10 HQ site and SITE B and C jabber 12.5.1 installer on it , and olso 1 pstn pc and external pc , all this pc is windows 10 you will jump on it to make your test calls.
  7. hello is a good server a do a same i buld my topologie based the v2, the diference is no longuer phisical device c8845 , i buld 3 windows 10 whit jabber 12.5 i simulate hq site sb and site c device
  8. hello if some one can install dnac 1.3.x , please share the resulte thanks
  9. hello the dnac [hide][Hidden Content]] Make use of Hide Tag while posting download links. Usage: [ hide ] link [ /hide ] (without spaces). Read the Board Rules or get banned.
  10. Hi, I no longer prepare the v2, after the labs around the world closed, I rebuild my lab for the v3. at the moment I don't have an idea about the lab topology, but some gentelment said no huge difference. I hope!
  11. hello for person whant practice lab go to CiscoLive! SIP Lab LTRUCC-2150 : link is [Hidden Content] is a good example for the exam topologie .
  12. hi there is some seat available at bruxelles
  13. CCIE Lab Exam: Coronavirus impact In light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak, we took the safety precaution of temporarily closing some of our CCIE lab exam centers. We will evaluate the situation on an ongoing basis and reopen the lab testing centers after it is safe. Because of these closures, the current CCIE lab exams will remain active through April 26, 2020. On April 27, 2020, the new CCIE lab exams will go live and current CCIE certifications will migrate to the new certifications.
  14. hello I prepare my exam ccie collaboration, if someone is interested please join me.
  15. @root i need a expessway E-C demo license can you help me thanks
  16. hello can some one help me , i need a expessway E-C demo license thanks
  17. hello you can find the CBT Nuggets 300-320 in web ,but if you whant i can share whit you, i have this course.
  18. hello frinds i need a help , can any one upload this files VMware-OpenStack-- .ova vio-patch- thanks a lot
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