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  1. Hello Guys, Can someone share ccnp enauto 300-435 file? Looking to take the exam next week. Thanks
  2. Hello guys, Last pass was 07/14/2020 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. Hi @root0 Can you share any image among these? ASAv version 9.6.2 MD5: a4c892afe610776dde8a176f1049ae96 ASAv version 9.6.3-1 MD5: d6a5c8d7bff5e69c5987ca664a52dbd8 ASAv version 9.7.1-4 MD5: f9a671d1ceaf983f7241f19df15e787f ASAv version 9.8.1 MD5: 8d3612fe22b1a7dec118010e17e29411 ASAv version 9.8.3-8 MD5: 54dbf135c545dbae40c8be61ff3863a4 ASAv version 9.8.4-15 MD5: 3c6742a9617767d8eae14b3ad4d33981 ASAv version 9.9.2 MD5: 0cba453dbf70313d8d63a00700618f52 ASAv version 9.12.2 MD5: ad1f8ce94417a654949ecc53d280b29f ASAv version 9.12.2-9 MD5: d90ada2efeb19801e654b6059de61845 Thanks
  4. FTD use instance and not context. And the number of instances depend on your resources(RAM, HD, CPU, ..)
  5. Hey Guys, Find below [hide][Hidden Content]] Last SCOR pass was last week. Last SISE pass was 06/22/2020 Last SNCF pass was 06/25/2020 Enjoy
  6. Yes all questions, only one question missing about software development model. I pass with it last week
  7. All the questions are valide.
  8. How do you plan to take the lab in september 2020 as all sites are still close ?
  9. Hello Guys, Did someone pas JNCIA-DEVOPS recently?
  10. smartlen

    AZ 103 DUMP

    Thanks did you or someon have AZ 900 ?
  11. @Pompido Thanks but it is the mega information. And not OCI information.
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