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  1. CCIE SP - TS 4.1 WB [hide][Hidden Content]] Got this from someone who passed a month or so back. Comment if this is still valid and in play. Enjoy! Cheers !
  2. awesome work! hope this kind of stuff are seen on the other ccie tracks.
  3. removed original post. not allowed to solicit for initiated gb.
  4. dealt with spoto and their support are pretty okay. the written material are accurate havent tried the lab material yet. the price differnce between the two is really the deal breaker. i lean more for spoto, but my pocket goes for c4c.
  5. Rajesh2410 check it on "shares"
  6. Passed the exam. 2 new questions from the 180Q. One regarding DAI and one related to FC. Not sure how many questions there is right now with spoto. Good luck.
  7. same questions. has anybody cleared the exam lately?
  8. you are just to fast maybe? im still editing the post! hang on there.
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