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    Cisco IronPort

    Hi, I need to gain knowledge on IronPort (web and mail) and I dont find one certification that covers this technology, do you know what exam could be useful? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi dyingbreath1, these are the configurations of the labs, could you share the pdf labs of CCNA Security, please? Thanks!
  3. kroket

    CCSA R75

    Did you refer to ALL the r75 study guides or any specific between all of them? The sum of all the pdf's pages could be near to 2000 pages for r75 in CP website, and the study guide in the traning kit (600$) has near to 200 pages.. so I have clear that all the knowledge that you can gain is wonderful to apply in your job, but I have clear too that if I want to do a CCNA exam, I don't need to study the CCIE, CCNP and CCNA documentation now.... for now you only to study CCNA docs... I try to say that Iam not looking for shortcuts, I try to find the right path, that must be straight to a ccsA level.
  4. kroket

    CCSA R75

    Hi, Could you pass me the link, please? I can't send PM.. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi gurus, Iam trying to build a lab to practice the a site to site vpn with certificates using a Certification Authority, prettending to solve the holes that I have in my understanding of the proccess. One of my first doubts before begin is about what CA to use, and it must be for free, of course. I try to do the lab following the steps of Cisco.Press.CCNA.Security.640-554.Official.Cert.Guide (pag 504) for this I choose cacert.org as CA in my PKI and my first problem is that I don't know the enrollment url. In the book: ! Specify the CA that you would like to use, and the URL to be used to ! reach that CA R1(config)# crypto pki trustpoint CA R1(ca-trustpoint)# enrollment URL [Hidden Content] R1(ca-trustpoint)# exit ! Request the root certificate through "authenticating" the CA R1(config)# crypto pki authenticate CA In this point I think the problem is that cacert doesnt support yet the scep and the enrollment must be done manually, using the cli "enrollment terminal pem" and copy paste the root certificate of the CA when I want to authenticate the trustpoint (example in [Hidden Content]). So, in this point I have two questions before go ahead.. 1. Do you know any Certification Authority (for free!) that works with scep to use in this lab? 2. Has anyone used cacert.org as CA? Did you do it using the cli "enrollment url http:\\....."? If you did it in this way, what url did you use? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thank you for all your answers and the links!
  7. Hi, 1. Iam slighty lost with the Checkpoint certs. I always worked in networking, with Juniper and Cisco mainly and I want study/learn about Checkpoint firewalls, what certification do you advise? 2. And about CCSA: I have the oportunity of attend to a CCSA course, this certification covers the firewalls too? do you recomend CCSA for a professional profile of Networking and Security or it is more focused in Systems than in Networking?... Thanks in advance! CCNP | JNCIS-SEC | JNCIA-ER | JNCIA-EX
  8. I need the same, somebody can share it, please? Especially the lab manual....
  9. Hi, I know that the CCNA Security tracks only touch the surface of ASA's systems, but, what is the best version of ASA and ASDM that you recommend to the labs in GNS3?, all this having in mind to use the same ASA soft version to prepare CCNP Security later ... I tried several versions on GNS3 on linux, and the one that worked right for me was the asa802-k8... but I think that it can be too old... What do you advise?
  10. I think that for option A : "HSRP works on Layer 3. So we can Eliminate two more answers. A and F.", HSRP works on layer 4 using port 1985 UDP. So this option (A) should not be eliminated for this reason.
  11. Yes, it is the first exam to do. I don't find official documentation yet, seems like it's to soon...
  12. I think that with the new cert programs you must pass first the Application Delivery Fundamentals Exam but I did not found materials for this exam...
  13. Please, please, pleaseeee!!!!
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