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  1. thanks a lot, i am looking all the way for this stuff
  2. New dump from actualtests , 56 questions. updated 1/20/2014 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. Use Narbik only for technology lab (Narbik tech vol 1-2, and ts. INE for full scale lab,and technology lab. (INE vol1, vol 2). vol 4 only for reference because it's too complicate .
  4. Misterious

    From TS -> Config

    yes, you can do that. because TS and configlab are a webbased session. You can create a notepad and save config on desktop .
  5. i and my friends has corrected many answers in this dump, and we add about 6 new questions. we took the exam a week a go and pass score is 96% ( requried only 65% to pass) , about 6 - 8 new questions ! take it easy [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. there are some wrong answers with this dump, but it's still valid .
  7. no :0. we should looking for product guide for MPLS and some studyguide from Juniper site.
  8. Cctual test Dump for JN0-660 (JNCIP-SP ) exam, update April-19-2012 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. Dump for JN0-360 exam, lastest actualtest with 128 questions ( update Ap -19 - 2012 ) [Hidden Content] In case you you don't see the attachment please refresh the page after pressing the thanks button.
  10. i've already rearranged all the file, and we now have completed book Juniper Service provider Switching [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. U should think that u'er enjoy studying, not put up with it ! Others wise more pressure will come .
  12. you should at least finish INE vol1(technology lab) , vol2 (full lab) and vol4 (troubleshoot lab) , then you can go for CCIECert dumps( for dumps you need about two or three months to finish them ) . Goodluck
  13. IF [ ( TS >= 80%) AND ( Config >= 80% ) ] THEN RESULT = PASS ELSE ( RESULT = FAILED)
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