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  1. Hi thank you for the share but i could not find these two sections: 1. Introducing VPNs: - MPLS Terminology and Concepts - Introduction to VPNs - Configuring GRE Tunnels AND 2. Introduction to Cloud Computing I'm specifically looking for '1. Introducing VPNs ... '. If someone has these, please do share. Would be much appreciated.
  2. Hi, for some reason [email protected] password is not working for me. Could you please have a look. Would be much appreciated.
  3. I don’t think it is fixed. I was going through 17. OSPF single area overview and it is corrupt. If anyone has it. Please do share. Ty
  4. Please do share (mega, rapid, uploaded any). Thank you.
  5. Hi everyone, humble request for: Cisco CCNA / ICND1 (100-105) Complete Course: Sims and GNS3 by David Bombal. Udemy link: [Hidden Content] Thank you and take care.
  6. You need to generate new licence key. Hope it helps.
  7. Hi, I don't know why when i start my node(Cisco IOL) it stops itself after few seconds. So far i have followed these steps: 1. Intel VT-x is enabled. 2. Deleted unl_wrapper, downloaded wrapper from spoto and chmodded it. Please help. Ty
  8. Please, can anyone out there share this material. [Hidden Content] Thank you very much.
  9. Could someone please upload it. THank you very much. Sadly, This course is hard to get :<
  10. Links are dead. Could someone please re-upload it. Thank you.
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