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  1. took the exam this morning and passed! score 9xx Study Materials Used (all found in these forums) IP PRO TV DevAsc Videos (provides a good high level overview but not enough detail to pass exam using just this) CiscoPress - DEVASC 200-901 official cert guide (skimmed it, very good resource) 153q (still valid as of 1/15) only 4 new questions Please don't just accept the 153q as is since not all of the answers are correct. The following were the ones I thought were incorrect based on my studies. Q25, Q44, Q54, Q58, Q66, Q93, Q116, Q117, Q122, Q147 Of the 4 new questions - 2 are "refer to this exhibit" 2 multiple choice One new MC question was posted in a previous comment (which port is HTTPS) One new MC is related to which Cisco product is best for a particular use case (easy to narrow down between 2 and then guessed) One exhibit was related to what port is being used based on the diagram last exhibit I don't recall but knew it was one I haven't seen before Love this forum for always sharing! Good Luck! On to the next one! P.S. I'll revisit the thread in a few days to answer any questions otherwise send me a DM as I'll be moving on EDIT: Smash that like button (on the right) if this info helped put you at ease, I was watching this thread like a hawk up until this morning hoping for a "this is still valid"
  2. @ pravine Yes it is still valid as of 7/20 based on members' reports in the written discussion thread. I noticed that PW released a 7-18 version but no one has confirmed it is valid yet.
  3. @CC Community I passed today with a 9xx score! Thanks to all of those in the community who continue to share! 2-3 new questions which I don't remember but they weren't too difficult so don't stress them. Make sure you know all the D&D from both Spoto and PW. Study Material I used: - INE Videos - Spoto 326q aka the screenshot pics - PW200q July 5 [Hidden Content] - Ferris' evernote (This one was a big help to correct the wrong answers in Spoto and PW) [Hidden Content]
  4. Copy the whole link including the red font as that is the password.
  5. Congrats Fallabor! Thanks for sharing your experience and taking the time to let us know what to focus on. Good luck on your Lab Studies!
  6. Selective Acknowledgement can be used for single packets that are lost too. Example 1 - "This allows the server to retransmit only the packet(s) that were not received by the client." [Hidden Content] Example 2 - I know the ietf docs are hard to follow at times but even in their examples they list of examples where only 1 packet is dropped. [Hidden Content]
  7. I noticed there wasn't an Official Share thread for this file even though it was posted in other threads. This is the pw200q July 5 that many are referring to as being valid - verified 7/9 by member Nablur - verified 7/10 by member efvn5 - verified 7/10 by member sil200 [hide][Hidden Content]] Enjoy! **note** some of the answers are known to be incorrect - you can follow the written discussion to see which ones.
  8. I just tested the link posted above and it worked just fine.
  9. Random Question for those who failed their 1st attempt but passed soon after A co-worker failed the exam a few weeks back and was going to retake it again after the 15 day wait period. Do you know if since she already took it once, will the question pool be completely different for her? She recalled questions from Spoto Pic and PL352q but wasn't sure if it will be the same set of questions. This is assuming they didn't change the pool altogether. Anyone know?
  10. Thanks Fallabor for confirming good luck on your next attempt
  11. That is what i'm reading from Fallabor too, and a big chunk of them were consecutively from questions 217-283.
  12. I agree with you that it should be A as well. Man in the middle attacks should be secured with the "no ip proxy-arp command" i believe.
  13. He did share, by including the thread which has the download link to the PL1219Q in his post. Also in regards to the PPPoE D&D, you can easily remember the order because it is alphabetical. pad-I (keyword Broadcast Address) pad-O (keyword Offer) pad-R (keyword session Request) pad-S (keyword Session ID) pad-T (keyword Terminate)
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