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  1. Hello Guys, I'm looking for SANS FOR 578 Cyber Threat Intelligence (2018) USB Materials. I'm following the PDF and there are some interesting exercises, such as Threat Modeling which requires you to have some resources provided by SANS. However, I only have the PDFs. If anyone have the resources that can help complete the exercises mentioned in those PDFs, please do kindly share. I did a lot of searching on the internet. I couldn't find it anywhere. It would be of tremendous help. Thanks in Advance.
  2. I'm getting "Failed - Server Probleme" issue???
  3. can anyone upload it in mega please. Gofile isn't working at all!!
  4. @km1511 The link you shared shows "500 Internal Server Error"
  5. @zezo010 Are you able to download?? For me, it opens a new tab with the following comments: which is the same as the above shared download link and the process repeats.
  6. Not able to download. It redirects and gives the same link to download again and again.
  7. Thanks for the share. I have bookmarked it. My schedules are quite hectic and when I come back from office, I mostly start learning from the lectures/videos shared and downloaded from certcollection. I may not have time to do the intense searching so that I may come up with these links. Just my 2 cent opinion.
  8. I was downloading the vm. Since i don't have a paid account, it took me 2 days to download the 11 gb vm but in the end when it finally became 100%, it showed an error the file does not exist. I lost around 11gb of data. Torrent would be a good option though.
  9. The Malware Analysis course is gone
  10. the link takes me to the pastebin site. But i can't seem to find the download link??
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