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  1. Bud, nobody will share just because you're lazy Go back a few pages...
  2. Any chance on sharing VCE with this also? Many tnx bud
  3. Just one more question - if not too much to ask, which vendor dumps you used? Cheers and best of luck !
  4. Well done and all the best !Can you tell us which documentation you used for studying?Dumps bought or found somewhere?Also, did you do lab rental or you built it yourself?Once again, congrats !!!
  5. Hey guys, Just wanted to have advice/feedback on licencing for Sec Lab. Did anybody perhaps made a list of licences needed for the gear? For example: ACS R-CSACS-58VM-K9= Secure Access Control System 5.8 VMware software and Base license (e-delivery) FMC FS-VMW-10-SW-K9= Cisco Firepower Management Center, (VMWare) for 10 devices Cheers
  6. Just to say thanks to frasert. Booked my lab with his voucher and all good. Tnx once more Cheers
  7. looks like, but sits for the exam an full
  8. Sorry no torrent, buuuuut, could mega work? [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. There's a bunch of pre-configs from narbik.. i didn't found any for Spoto/C4C.. i guess it's too much paid in the ass for ppl to do that... Sorry
  10. People without any patience :D all of you Anyways - link back online. Let me know if anything is missing
  11. Hey there to all, Anybody able to share exam questions for above mentioned exam? Appreciate for any help! Cheers
  12. cciesphere

    Huawei WLAN

    Hey there, Did you found these WLAN exam? I'm looking for that also.. For a few days now
  13. For me - bgp soo defensively. No need for any other manipulation. Cheers
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