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  1. Hi I found this information maybe will be usefull for the certification. Regards Cisco.Pre_.350-601.102q.zip
  2. Hi @hamidosecurito Can you please share the Fortiweb and Fortiauthenticator exams. Regards,
  3. Hi Those are the link more update [Hidden Content] Regards,
  4. This is the VCE to open the file [Hidden Content]
  5. Hi Guys I create new file November174Q in this file i add some new questions. In this file we have complete the new D&D The new links are: [Hidden Content] The older links was delete. If someone go to the exam please post your comments Regards,
  6. Guys the dump is valid but we need to complete the new questions,
  7. Guys those are the link more updated: [Hidden Content] If anyone have more info about the VPLS D&D please share
  8. Guys this is the new file please share and help me to update, in other forum say the exam have a new D&D question: [Hidden Content] Regards,
  9. Hi I create the last VCE for the pentacis file: [Hidden Content] Regards
  10. Please use bluestack and add the apk A+ I add the apk [Hidden Content]
  11. Hi WajahatAnwer the VCE 1.1.7 have many problems please use the 1.0.2. This is the stable version. [Hidden Content] Regards
  12. I update the post and add the VCE to open the file
  13. Hi Everyone I add the new questions into the anthoni file. PDF [hide][Hidden Content]] VCE [hide][Hidden Content]] VCE Software to open the file [hide][Hidden Content]] Regards
  14. I can't find the "Question No. 2" in the Hesseny what is the number of the question in the Hesseny pdf?
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