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  1. Well it runs only issue atm is that it will only run on Steam. If i exit Steam and run it, it opens up steam to do so. Is this from the .exe file or another file i could try to replace with my original istallation? Anyone know what file i need to replace?
  2. I recently obtained a copy of Freelancer, and all it did for me was remind me of how much better X2 was than it. Anyway I attempted to install my old X2 on my new Vista OS machine and came across the problems outlined above. Which brought me here. I also got the missing .dll message initially but found 2 .dll files on the cd outside of the program file on disc 2 which I copied as part of Tumps guide. Thanks Tumps for the step by step install guide. However, having followed it through I now get a message stating that X2 can only be launched with a release version of Microsoft Windows 95/95/ME/xp etc. Ive attempted running it with the compatability changed but it informs me that Launching the application in the compatability mode is impossible. Please turn off the compatability mode on the compatability tab blah blah. This is so frustrating . Maybe Freelancers worth another go?
  3. lol I love the tire layout diagram with helmet looking thing next to the tire great info Damnit Toyota just release the damn brochures and pricing already
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