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  1. @DasCert - Thanks for your reply ! Can you please mention those two new questions if you remember thanks
  2. @mi0 - CBT.Nuggets.Cisco.Firepower @nishcisco Appreciate your efforts.
  3. Did anyone tried the above dump ? Can anyone have a look on this ? My exam expires next month
  4. Please confirm if this is valid .re-uploading Credits to original uploader [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. Guys is there a prerequisite for this exam like attending any classes ? I mean can I prepare on my own ? We will not be asked for the proof of classes when registering for exam ?
  6. Hello friends for some reason I cannot access 4shared can anyplease upload it to mega or any other free downloading website. Thanks
  7. Hi .. Can anyone please create a torrent or provide the content on google drive. Thanks for the efforts
  8. Why dont you create an skype group..not everybody is comfortable sharing mobile number. just saying
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