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  1. don't reply or argue with mi0, it's useless.
  2. Ill upload later.. only Exe no crack.. if that's OK. [hide][Hidden Content]] Nipper & Paws
  3. the fukc this little guy problem. Please be respectful towards other members
  4. earlier post? which post? --- wheres another part?
  5. File removed. Can someone upload somewhere? or torrent? Really appreciate. Thanks.
  6. Just read the information from reddit. That said All courses on PluralSight are free right now for April 2020. Signup is required. Someone who already had access, are free to share here.
  7. Can someone upload this pluralsight course? [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]2 [Hidden Content]-3 [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Warning! -> DO NOT hide public access links. Hide tags are ONLY meant to hide Download links. Thanks
  8. Plan in the future, of course. until now, the feature not available yet.
  9. Some chapter are good, some chapter are terrible, lot of pictures were remove due to copyright/watermark, understandable. However, really appreciate to the one who shared.
  10. No debugger yet. It is support debugger now?
  11. Heh? PDF or Video? If it's true. I'll pass. Thanks
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