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  1. Hi Guys, I passed today with 944/1000. I use SPOTO all of exams are in SPOTO and its perfectly to study in short period.
  2. adrenalinn

    Cucm 11.5

    Didi you try re-initilize?
  3. Hi Coleeman, I passed today with 912. The dump still valid but there are more new question ~10 Qs In this exam. As I remembered, I suggest to study on MCU stack and MCU stack Characteristic. Also, There are some questions about room design about Ambient light, Room Acoustic and Background noise Level. Hope this useful for everyone and Good luck all lads!
  4. Hi PisiX, Is dump 390Q still valid?. I brought this too and will take an exam on next Monday. Is it has a new Question on Exam or not?
  5. Any have this video? Please help to re-upload. Thanks!
  6. Hi All, Passed today with score 884. The dump 185q still valid around 60%. My exam contains more about Cisco Unity. I count it aroud 12-15 questions on this. You should to study more on this. My Drag & Drop contains step of IP Phone registration and other one is Information of CDR. Hope this will help everyone and Good luck all guys!
  7. Hi Rrio, Please message me for your study material. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi Abusher, Thanks for sharing your study material, I have a plan to take an exam next month. Hope this can take me pass. Thank you again.
  9. Thanks for information. I have a few question as below. The scope of exam is in CICD exam cert book or not? What is the most topic that you found on exam? Can you share you study material or plan to study to us? Thank you
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