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  1. I have tried to download several times and I can only get to download 60-70% and then get an error and have to retry downloading again Can we have a torrent please
  2. Hi You can get this for free from [Hidden Content]
  3. Don't bother there is no discount voucher. I have been trying for several weeks to get the discounted voucher with out success.
  4. is the extraction of the files all ok now? Can it be done without any issues?
  5. Hi I have found away to use the torrent I used the following Thanks for the download [Hidden Content]
  6. Get the following error from the torrent link when adding to qBittorent [Hidden Content]
  7. Only runs in DEMO mode on Windows 10
  8. Only runs in DEMO mode on Windows 10
  9. Can these be loaded to Google drive link or mega nz as trying to download from links on rapidgator are very slow and timeout Thanks
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