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  1. no sure about the answers I think there is missing answers do you agree ?
  2. it seems the LAB 1 LAB2 are valid now,
  3. there is no direct link it seems all of them are fake ??
  4. it seems that, i did not hear anyone passed the exam recenlty
  5. Many thanks for your feedback, can you please let us know if you can share them with us or not? CCIEMAN45678
  6. Hello Bilal, congrats, did you take the exam in Dubai ?
  7. I just passed, SPOTO PIC is valid, got 9XX falks please make sure to use the correct answers that shared with this thread good luck
  8. we have this one also: Which option is the task of an IGMP Snooping Querier? A) It sends PIM-SM messages to all multicast routers It coordinates the election of a mapping agent C) It can limit the number of multicast messages a host receives D) It facilitates populating the group membership tables on IGMP Snooping-enabled switches SPOTO and PL : D RNS:C i think the correct is D
  9. An NSSA area has two ABRs connected to Area 0. Which statement is true? A) Both ABRs translate Type-7 LSAs to Type-5 LSAs No LSA translation is needed<<< is this the correct answer C) Both ABRs forward Type-5 LSAs from the NSSA area to backbone are. D) The ABR with the highest router ID translates Type-7 LSAs to Type-5 LSAs
  10. @ ronnie1979, I'm sharing what I have for now: 1- SPOTO (PIC version): [hide][Hidden Content]] 2- PL 708: [hide][Hidden Content]] 3- RNS WRITTEN - 20-JUNE-17[hide] [Hidden Content]] best of luck to all CCIMAN,
  11. thnx a lot for your feedback, which SPOTO did you use? the Dumps was vaild today, not sure which SPOTO dumps you used
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