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  1. Not valid anymore! Please kindly upload again! Thank you!
  2. Hi! CC Members, could you please upload "new videos update" of RHCSA? Sander van Vugt just updated his course by informing: " Hi X.X.X I normally do not email you twice a day, but I have important and exciting news for RHCSA students! The updated RHCSA content is available as of now in the RHCSA Complete Video Course 3/ed on Pearson ITCertification, InformIT and O'Reilly. Both existing and new customers of this course will have immediate access to the materials through their account. Regards, Sander " Thank you!
  3. Some links are error - it redirect to Original Post. Please kindly check! Thank you!
  4. Hi! enis123, could you please check it because there is no links after "Thank"? Thank you!
  5. It's hard to find, We are still waiting for it.
  6. That didn't work We're sorry, but [email protected] can't be found in the ubest-my.sharepoint.com directory. Please try again later, while we try to automatically fix this for you.
  7. Noted with many thanks. You are the best.
  8. The links is shut down by Google. Please kindly check it! Thank you
  9. My appointment was canceled due to this problem. RIP haha
  10. Yes. I'm looking for it as well.
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