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  1. strange. I think mega has taken it down. Please give me 1 day, i'll upload it again
  2. Which do you think is best distro for security. I've been using kali for some years now but never tried parrot, was thinking to switch to parrot as most of the people have said it's best than kali. What do you think, please tell me your advice. Thanks
  3. There are a lots of vpn vendors who claim that they don't keep logs, but i don't trust them and i think they do for some months or years at-least. Do you know any vpn, that doesn't do it.
  4. I had used Packet Tracer for my CCNA. Now i'm thinking to do CCNP and was thinking to switch to GNS3, so which one do you suggest, which one is much better for CCNP stuffs.
  5. Hola [Hidden Content] Credits to the original uploader.
  6. polandhir

    RHCSA and RHCE

    Would anybody who has done RHCE like to tell his journey, i'm thinking of doing this certification although i'm from security field.
  7. Is CCNP Security worth it, will this help me in my career?
  8. @lalamakerg bro have heard of you a lot. I want one of file from rapidgator to mega Emails not allowed. Read the rules or get banned.
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