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  1. I'm looking for CCNP CCIE SCORE 350-701. If someone have this book lets share it, please.
  2. Where can download IPEXPERT RS new release?
  3. asak


    how to open this file
  4. interesting here is that, at my pix i have ping to the switch and router. Interface on my switch is "up", no any errors, same is router. What is the problem
  5. before this switch i have a pix, interesting here is that from pix to switch i have ping, also ping between pix and router is ok, but router and switch is in the same broadcast domain i.e they have same network PIX-inside x.x.x.1 -dmz y.y.y.1 switch-x.x.x.2 router-x.x.x.10
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