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  1. Hey, yes, I used 130 questions dump. All of the questions came from this this dump. Regards,
  2. Hey, MAC OS has an in-built feature to record the screen. I am not sure about the windows. Regards,
  3. Passed the exam today. Dumps are still valid. All of the questions were from this dump only.
  4. @cciefast: correct answer is B and C only. In some of the dump files, topology was not complete so i got confused as well. Go for B and C.
  5. @greatccier congrats man. Can you please provide me the solution of TS 4 question 5 ( tunnel problem ) and question 9 (MSDP) what you did to make it work? i have got some random soultion and do not have anything for 5 and 9. I have my lab in 4 days. please help.
  6. Hi Everyone, Can anyone share questions of TS4? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi all, can anyone provide latest TS which is coming in SP lab exam? If anyone having any questions of TS 4 please share. Thanks.
  8. @sharklover As per my knowledge, you need to configure all ASA's from scratch. routers will be pre-configured. (for VPNs in section 3). WSA/FMC/WLC/AP will they are initialized already? - yes. you just need to login into candidate PC and you can access them. NGIPS is already registered.
  9. Hi Smartlen, links are not working. can you please update these links? thanks in advance!!
  10. Hi Everyone, Can somebody please provide latest troubleshooting and diag labs? I am not able to find them in CCIE sec section. Thanks in advance!
  11. Can you please PM me so that i can send you my number? thanks in advance!
  12. @sunnypassionz Question 124 to 130 are seven different questions. each questions with one fault in the configuration. like authorization command missing , wrong default route , wrong key , dot1x not enabled globally , dot1x not enabled on interface , incorrect IP of SVI and authenticaqtion of multiple hosts missing under interface.
  13. @smack06 i do not know the incorrect answers. after seeing my score report, i guessed there are good amount of incorrect answers.
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