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    Emails / Skype not allowed. Read the rules or get banned. Iam looking for a group to join to help each other preparing the jncie exam
  2. masri


    Please add me to your group or get me these two lap please I need them I plan to get to the lap by the end of this year
  3. I need a voucher JNCIS-Sec, please tell me the price Emails not allowed. Read the rules or get banned. MOVED TOPIC Topic is moved to proper section. Open topic in appropriate section with suitable prefix. DO NOT spam the board with same post.
  4. Hi I want to join, Iam still new and planning to get to the lab by the end of the year
  5. does anyone get to the exam recently ? , is 65Q dump still valid ?
  6. pm please for jncis voucher Emails not allowed. Read the rules.
  7. hello Mahbub I need JNCIS voucher, let me know the details PM me Emails not allowed. Read the rules.
  8. please send us the session if you can capture it, it will be very much appreciated.
  9. if it is 500 questions, then it is really big & kindly get it as a pdf
  10. if anyone have info about a new dump just tell us to get it
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