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  1. Indeed expired [Hidden Content]
  2. Has anyone taken this exam recently?
  3. These voucher will be honored in any countries?
  4. Yes this is still valid just make you understand the questions & answers very well.
  5. May I ask when did you take the exam?
  6. I'm interested kindly message me the details I need to take JN0-102 soon.
  7. I'm interested can you message me here?
  8. Im interested. Please pm me for details.
  9. @jacky223 is possible to share it directly to may mega account pls?
  10. Hopefully someone will be able to upload/share the files from this thread again in any possible way. I badly need it
  11. That sucks! Hopefully that only applies to newly created accounts.
  12. Not too lucky , was trying to import but my drive was full. Just done cleaning up I hope @mavis will bring it up for few more minutes.
  13. I miss i. Can you please open the link again?
  14. Guys any exam takers recently? How was it?
  15. Do we still need to study the old dumps too or new questions are enough to pass?
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