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  1. I'm liking the resilio sync for this share. Easy way to share out new stuff as they get added. Is there any thought around adding another one for the VMs and course data?
  2. Wow. Hadn't check this post in a bit and didn't realize how much it took off. Any interest in me rebuilding the VCE file with the additional questions that have been posted here?
  3. Yes, The questions are mostly text and only a few pictures in the file. It keeps the size pretty low.
  4. This is a VCE file for practice testing. If you like you can convert it to pdf.
  5. I haven't seen any new questions to add to it.
  6. I passed when I took it. Like I mentioned not 100% valid, but close enough to get you prepared to take it if you've read over the study guide or even watched the videos. Some of the questions not covered in the dump for me were similar to ones that are covered. They had either some different wording or tried to trip you up in some way with reverse logic. One of the two drag and drops was featured. There was only one question that I recall that I don't remember being covered in the study guide or anywhere else. If anyone does find other questions or remembers them from when they took it and wants them added, I'll update it when I can if they let me know.
  7. Created a VCE from a dump that was shared here to help with studying. I fix a few of the incorrect answers I found from the dump. 80 questions. [hide] [Hidden Content]] Not 100% valid but there was maybe a dozen questions not directly covered. Paired with the study guide its more than enough to pass. It was for me.
  8. Yeah I've noticed that too with a lot of the demo/sample questions. I'm not sure if that is on purpose to throw off other dump sites from stealing their questions or if they are that bad.
  9. I took it a few weeks back and passed. Reading the study guide and the practice exams should be enough to pass.
  10. They are in this forum if you search. A few examples of the sample question on some sites though: [Hidden Content]
  11. There is a question I've seen on a few of the example questions for dumps around and I'm not sure the answer is correct. A user reports difficulties accessing certain external web pages, When examining traffic to and from the external domain in full packet captures, you notice many SYNs that have the same sequence number, source, and destination IP address, but have different payloads. Which problem is a possible explanation of this situation? A. insufficient network resources B. failure of full packet capture solution C. misconfiguration of web filter D. TCP injection Answer: D That doesn't seem correct to me, but the question seems poorly written. From other examples I've seen some say the answer is A. My thought is C, but not sure. Thoughts?
  12. It's possible some of the questions are but doubtful all are given quite a few questions are directly from the study guide.
  13. Please send me an invite for bitspyder as well. Thank you in advance.
  14. Please invite me to bitspyder or any of them mentioned above if you have an extra invite. It would be appreciated.
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