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  1. A simple google provided the answer here: [Hidden Content] cup trust and tomcat trust are the correct answers
  2. I agree, B is the right answer. The key is switched virtual interface, meaning 1 VLAN. B will give you that with 512 IP addresses.
  3. A+ huge thank you ruzcastrojman you are a gentleman and a scholar. Well done.
  4. 363Q from PL - pdf and vce for those that like the exam engine - good luck [Hidden Content]
  5. Recently passed 210-060, 9XX/1000. 60 questions 75 minutes. All multiple choice. No labs, no drag and drop. See you all in the 210-065 track. Salut!
  6. 1. Assign license in Cisco Unified Communications Manager 2. Configure end user in Cisco Unified Communications Manager 3. Create Cisco Unified Client Service Framework device 4. Associate CSF to end user 5. Associate DN to end user.
  7. [Hidden Content] Please, hide your links next time. Usage: [ hide ] All your Download links [ /hide ] (without spaces) 5 seconds on Google, c'mon man think for yourself.
  8. 210-060 and 210-065 links, real links not advertising spam:[hide] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]] .Study well and check all of the answers before taking the exam. Good luck,
  9. Only has 378Q and alot of WCS which is no longer on the test. Still OK for a free resource, but you wont pass the exam studying it.
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