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  1. new to uploading data i will follow you suggestion for my next uploads tq
  2. can you read the content i mentioned it was uploading wait for an hour
  3. Hi all as pls download as soon as possible and try to share with this community back this file will be removed by mega for copyright so download and share here in different ways example torrent are ftp. sorry guys it was failing to upload any drive accounts are any ftp you guys are willing to share so i can upload there ??
  4. Coverage includes Building a Computer Network * Planning and building networks * Building a network map with standard software tools * Exploring, installing, and configuring network hardware * Preparing and configuring a switch * Connecting and organizing cabling * Connecting computers, smartphones, tablets, and servers to your network * Setting up basic security * Installing Windows Server step by step, including Active Directory, DNS, and virtualization * Configuring Windows clients to access a Windows Server domain * Providing reliable and efficient backup/recovery services * Configuring network services for macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and FreeBSD operating systems * Analyzing network traffic with WireShark * Monitoring networks with logs, baselines, and captures * Troubleshooting common problems * Learning key concepts for success with the CompTIA Network+ exam’s tough performance-based questions Skill Level All levels Learn How To * Build a computer network from the ground up * Develop an efficient, reliable IP network scheme * Set up and configure a Small Office/Home Office router * Log in to a router, update its firmware, and establish security * Configure IP networks, wireless networks, and switches * Set up cabling and patch panels, and build patch cables * Install and configure Windows Server * Configure Active Directory to manage users and services * Prepare Hyper-V virtualization * Configure Windows 10 * Configure Windows 7 as a virtual machine * Set up storage, including RAID NAS hardware and Windows Server storage * Configure reliable backup systems * Configure Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices * Analyze and document your network Who Should Take This Course For all aspiring and introductory-level PC, help desk, or network technicians, and other entry-level IT professionals, especially those currently studying for Network+ or A+ certification. LINK [Hidden Content]
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