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  1. This is what they are saying: Unfortunately, the file owner has limited free downloads of this file. Thus a premium membership is required to download this file.
  2. The site is saying that the download is limited for premuim users only
  3. I am getting error that file size is exceeding limit allowed for free user. Any alternate links?
  4. Awaiting rest of files! Many thanks to you
  5. any link to their Storage or UCS classes?
  6. Thanks to share information
  7. Is it a single lab out of the 3-labs pool that has been changed?
  8. Pleas share information you have
  9. Is it a single LAB that has been changed/added? or the whole pool has changed? Also is it only in RTP? What about other locations? anybody has any experience?
  10. Hello For friends who took the lab in July, can you please share your LAB experience?
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