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  1. NexusOS


    Hi guys wanna ask experts here, does the OSPF route tag over Cloud when it with OSPF PE-CE works as downbit automatically of we've to configure policies manually ?
  2. NexusOS


    Did anyone passed CISSP recently ?
  3. Hello there, did anyone converted to Juniper have explanation of how did it takes, materials or VoDs ?
  4. NexusOS

    Active RS Labs?

    Interested also in joining, I am very active on Cisco CCIE Labs
  5. I will upload to mega and make a torrent
  6. if you can please reach now tell something so I save your e-mail in contact to secure a connection to each others How know may I share more and more data with you for the community!
  7. But you still have my e-mail please reach me
  8. What shall I do when I compose new message it says Error I am trying to delete what is forbidden now or will let mods delete it
  9. I didn't read any policies that wont hurts as long as we help people if you dont mind reach me so you can tell you where to download from
  10. I tried to use my personnel messenger in the site it refuses
  11. Just write down what you need from iPexpert missing from you and will post it here CCNP lvl
  12. Can anyone please share a keygens for vSAN and NSX ?
  13. I'll download everything and re-upload to mega.nz I think it's better so we can maintain it for future by importing copies or google drive but I always prefer mega think everbody also do
  14. I can download/Upload anything I hv good internet connection
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