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  1. any chance to upload the latest version : Nginx 2018 - Beginner to Advanced Thanks
  2. I didn't download this version from here, but high likely missing 6 chapters, chapter 9-14.
  3. Please can someone upload the complete training ? The complete version is available now on "safari". Thanks,
  4. Hi , Can you provide alternative links to download please (free sites or torrent) ?
  5. Hi , I am looking for good (technical) CBT or any video presentation over the Nagios from basic to advanced level. Can any one please help me with link to download or recommendation.
  6. Hi, I am newbie in the video transport/analysis domain. Which freeware tools are best to use for mpeg 4 and HEVC (H.265) ?
  7. Hi , I am newbie, looking for CBT or any video presentation on the MPEG (encoding, decoding, transport and "element/packet" structure) subject. Can any one help me please.
  8. shumon1967 You see that I thanked him and not criticizing . If you have a little bit good functioning brain, you should understand that my message was helping community to know that print year of the book is not 2016. +++++ Duraku vceravno++++++
  9. Yes,except archaeologists who does have interest for antique, old things and historian for past events.
  10. Old book, Copyright © 2004 Cisco Systems, Inc, Thanks
  11. NP, I wil find it on the net, trying some of those apps.
  12. Hi Outcast, Can you please also upload the follwing from that site: Bash Scripting Fundamentals Cisco NetFlow Which app are you using to capture streams. I used in the past wireshark and some other app to accelarate process, but it is not working any more for me. Thanks,
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