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  1. Kindly request the following: pp-adv-cat3k-169.1-34-45.0.0.pack pp-adv-cat3k-1612.1-37-45.0.0.pack [Hidden Content] Thanks!
  2. Hi, Kindly request: pp-adv-cat3k-169.1-34-41.0.0.pack [Hidden Content] Thanks!
  3. Kindly request the following: pp-adv-cat3k-166.4-31-40.0.0.pack pp-adv-cat3k-169.1-34-40.0.0.pack [Hidden Content] Thanks!
  4. Kindly request the following: pp-adv-cat3k-166.4-31-39.0.0.pack pp-adv-cat3k-169.1-34-39.0.0.pack [Hidden Content] Thanks!
  5. Kindly request the following for a 3850 switch: pkg-ncclient-0.5.3-mips64_cge7.tar.gz [Hidden Content] Thanks!
  6. Kindly request the following for a 3850 switch: ofa-2.0.7-r3-cat3000-SPA-k9.ova [Hidden Content] Thanks!
  7. Thanks. I did a search before posting but my file did not come up. Downloading that now I see the one I'm looking for is in there so thanks again.
  8. Kindly request the following: ap3g1-k9w7-tar.153-3.JD11.tar [Hidden Content] ap3g1-k9w8-tar.153-3.JD11.tar ap3g1-rcvk9w8-tar.153-3.JD11.tar [Hidden Content] Thanks!
  9. Thanks. Also uploaded here: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. Kindly request: AIR-AP3800-K9-ME-8-3-133-0.tar AIR-AP3800-K9-ME-8-3-133-0.zip [Hidden Content] Thanks!
  11. What you see is what I got. I don't have a service contract to download the files I want.
  12. Seems to work remotely today. Try again. I see from my logs that a whole bunch of people have already downloaded these. Could be my ISP working on stuff, they have been for the past month.
  13. Wait for the WPA key re-installation vulnerability to be fixed and then just request the new IOS from Cisco directly. They provide free updates for security fixes. When you contact them, just point them to this page: [Hidden Content] It will take a few back and forth emails but eventually they will provide the new IOS files. Again, just wait for the fix first.
  14. Good luck finding any files for ME. These things are hard to come by. Only way I got ME-8-3-121-0 was by contacting support and linking them to a security bug listed on their site. They give free updates for security bugs but you have to contact them and show them where on their site the bug is listed.
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